Sell a House Fast! Real Estate Market Update January 2013

If you want to sell a house in Bay County Fl, and want to sell it fast, this is news you can use! I have been a real estate investor in Panama City and Panama City Beach for years. I buy houses for resale and for rentals. Whether you for sale by owner your house or use a Realtor, you need to know what the house market is doing. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of listing your house with a Realtor, you can for sale by owner your house to me, and get a fast, no-hassle sale. I normally pay cash and normally close in 5 days or less. Would you like to sell your house in 5 days? Call me! 850-763-7355.

January was not as strong as I had hoped, considering the number of houses under contract to sell in December. 117 single family houses closed in January, but there are still more than twice that many under contract to sell, so perhaps February and March will be stronger. Even so, this was the strongest January for house sales that we have had in 7 years! The bad news is that prices are still way down, and don’t seem to be recovering. Watch the video for all the details, and feel free to email or call with comments or questions.

2 thoughts on “Sell a House Fast! Real Estate Market Update January 2013

  1. Mark

    I have a home on Stanford Rd. We are putting a new roof on this month and are wondering if additional upgrades are worth the return in this market?

    What is your take on older brick homes? Are they worth spending money on or not?

    1. chan Post author

      hi mark, yes, i think a roof is worth spending money on. if it is over 15 years old, the house will be hard for the new buyer to insure, and that will make it harder to sell. other systems that insurance companies are picky about are plumbing (we see lots of corroded galvanized supply lines in your area), wiring (glass fuses, ungrounded 2 wire systems) and old HVAC systems. you are grandfathered under your current insurance, but your new buyer will be required to have a “4-point inspection” by their new insurer, and bad marks on any of those systems can doom a deal.
      beyond that, you can spend lots of money on new windows, new cabinets, appliances, lighting, flooring, etc, trying to make the house shine like a new penny. and you have competition out there that is in A-1 condition, foreclosures that have been bought and rehabbed by investors like me. so you just have to price accordingly. the good news is that you are in a desirable area. some folks won’t buy right on stanford, due to the traffic count, but the general forest park area is so convenient, lots of folks want to live there…and many of them won’t mind being on the busier street.
      in summary, *somebody* is going to rehab and update the house sooner or later. it could be you, your buyer, or someone else down the line, but its a good area of town that people want to live in, and you know the old “location, location, location” rule!
      if you would like for me to give you an idea of as-is value, i would be happy to drop by and take a look. no pressure, no obligation. then you can make an educated decision on how much time, effort, and money you want to put into the house. my cell number is 763-7355, call me anytime.
      cheers, chan.
      ps, make sure to shop around hard on the roof, prices can vary wildly!


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