We Buy Houses! 2011 Bay County Real Estate Market Summary

We buy houses! — 2011 is over, and it’s been a tough year.  Actually, it’s been a tough 5 or 6 years, with property values dropping and inventories rising.

I had thought about writing a post this month compiling data for the year.  However, my friend Wendell Browne at Browne Appraisal LLC has already done some great work on this.  Wendell is a local appraiser, he follows the market closely and writes excellent market reports.  The takeaway:  median house prices are down 9.9% for the year, but inventories are dropping, which may signal that we are close to the bottom.

Take the time to read over these reports, they are excellent.  If you need a good appraiser, Wendell is your man!

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