“What areas do I buy?”

  • I buy in Bay County, Florida.
  • I buy in Panama City, Panama City Beach,
    Lynn Haven, Callaway, Parker, Springfield, and Youngstown.

I don’t buy properties in the following areas:

  • East of Callaway Bayou.
  • North of the West Bay Bridge on Highway 79.
  • North of Highway 20.
  • Blighted areas, or areas of “urban decay”.

“What do I do with the properties I buy”?

I buy with one of two things in mind. I either keep the property as a long term rental, or I fix the property up to resell for a profit.

“What kinds of properties do I buy?”

  • I buy two kinds of property: single family homes, and mobile homes on land.
  • The condition of the property is not important to me. I have bought houses that probably should have been bulldozed!

I don’t buy:

  • Mobile homes without land.
  • Mobile home that have been significantly modified.
  • Mobile homes over 15 years old.
  • Condos, apartments, townhouses, duplexes, or anything with a common wall.
  • Raw land.
  • Commercial property.

“How much do I offer?”

  • Every property and every person is different. In order to determine what I can do for you, I have to understand the specific details of your situation. I don’t simply make low ball offers or try to “steal” properties. I work with you to create a strategy that is right for you. From me buying your property cash, to renting it, to trading you another house, to referring you to a Realtor, or something else, there are numerous options that may be available to you. That’s why it helps you to let me know a little more about the details of your situation.

Give me a call at 850-763-7355 or drop me an email at chan@hshi.net and lets chat.