Sell your house fast — Using signs to sell house house quick!

If you are trying to sell your house, you probably want to do it fast.  Nobody wants to wait around to sell their house.  If you have chosen to sell your house yourself, you need all the marketing tricks you can get.  You can have a great looking house, and have it priced right, but if nobody knows about it, it’s not going to sell.  So how do you get the word out?

Sell your house with signs.

Talk to any experienced Realtor, and they will tell you that the number one way to sell your house is good signage.  Signs sell more houses than any other factor.  Re-read that sentence.  Now lets talk about how to do signs right.

  1. Good looking signs will sell your house better than cheap ones.  No spray painted plywood here!  Have some nice, double sided corplast signs made up by a local sign shop.  If your signs look crummy, people will expect your house to look crummy.  Check around for prices, they can vary widely.  There are also some excellent sign shops online.

    Sell your house with signs

    Sell your house with a sign farm

  2. Use more than one sign to sell your house.  I like to make up individual signs for each feature of the house.  “New paint” on one.  “New roof” on another.  And so on.  Then make a “sign farm” in the yard.  But note, you may be in violation of local codes…some will only allow one real estate related sign in our yard.  Solution:  put the “for sale” sign in the yard and the “feature” ones in the windows.  Or you can put them all in the yard on the weekends when code enforcement is off and the buyers are driving around, just pull them in Sunday night.
  3. Use directional signs to sell your house.  Go to every major intersection and put up “For sale by owner” signs with arrows pointing the way to your house.  These types of signs are amazingly effective.  But be warned, they tend to disappear, pulled up by neighbors or by code enforcement.  Buy a slightly less expensive sign for your directionals and replace them as needed.
  4. Use a flyer box with paper flyers that have a lot of details about the house.  Print them in full color and keep the box stocked!

Sell your house with signs–tips and tricks

If you are going to sell your house, you have got to be serious about signage.  So go the extra mile.  Have a BIG sign made up if your local codes will allow it.  If there is a billboard nearby, find out what it costs to rent it for a few months.  Attach helium balloons or streamers to your sign.  Put “drop by anytime” on your sign.  (Those “by appointment only” signs drive me nuts.  Get serious!)

If you want to sell your house but don’t want to go through the normal hassle and expense of selling, call me!  I buy houses as a business, and I can give you a fast, fair, no-pressure-no-games deal on your house.  I usually pay all cash and close in a week!  So if you are ready to sell your house in Panama City or Panama City Beach, I am ready to buy it!  Give me a call at 763-7355 to sell your house fast and easy!

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