A house buyer gives retirees a fast, no hassle sale.

A call came in a few weeks ago from a man in Callaway that had seen this website.  He wanted to sell his house.  He explained that he and his wife were retired and wanted to travel.  Owning a house didn’t make sense to them anymore, since they would only be in Panama City about half the year.  They were going to move into an apartment.

I went out to see them and we talked about their situation. The house was free and clear.  It needed a roof and some updating, but otherwise it was in good shape.  They were almost moved out, they just had a few boxes left in the house.

The roof was in pretty bad shape…not leaking, but certainly at the end of it’s useful life.  They knew that a bank would not lend on the house unless the roof was replaced, and they didn’t want to hassle with it, and then deal with the long, slow process of selling the house the “retail” way.  They were ready to travel, they just wanted to get it sold and get on with their lives.

We talked for a bit, struck a price that we could all live with, and closed a week later.  They put the money in the bank and hit the road!

They sold the house for a bit less than they could have gotten if they had replaced the roof, painted and carpeted it, and listed it with a Realtor.  But how long would all of that taken?  Probably 4 to 6 months, plus all the time and effort involved in managing the work, plus the uncertainty of what the house would finally sell for.  By calling me, the eliminated all of that uncertainty and were able to get on with their lives.

Everybody left the closing table happy.  It was a win-win for all.

Would you like to sell your house quickly?  If so, give me a call.  I can set up a win-win closing for you, too!

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